Software Testing

New technologies are being introduced at a rapid rate and companies need to adapt in order to stay competitive.

Not keeping up with changes in technology can have a big impact on an organisation’s reputation, customer experience and bottom line. As customers become increasingly IT literate and expectant on new technology, organisations are having to introduce new systems and software on a wider variety of devices without sacrificing quality or escalating cost.

Our test teams work with organisations across all industries in order to meet these challenges effectively.

We ensure your software is right first time. It works as it’s supposed to. It works under pressure. It works under all scenarios - even those you expect “really won’t happen”! We balance the need for quality, cost and speed and deliver a comprehensive testing programme tailored to your objectives.

Our independent software testing service ensures your business can hit the ground running. It enables organisations to introduce new applications ahead of competitors and provides them with the confidence that once introduced they will work as they should.

Our services

  • Independent Programme Assurance and Governance – a range of tools, best practice and resources ensuring compliance to agreed Quality Gates by third parties and internal teams.
  • Managed Independent Testing – skilled and flexible resources providing a full range of testing services as well as advice and support to companies in the selection, use and management of Performance, Automation and Defect Management Tools.
  • Business User Testing – complementing the business user acceptance test teams to ensure product quality meets customer requirements whilst maintaining BAU (business as usual) deliveries.
  • Knowledge Risk Mitigation – By using innovative ways to capture and retain knowledge while testing we can ensure that knowledge is accessible by the business when required.
  • Support and Mentoring – Support and mentoring for business acceptance testing bringing testing skills to knowledgeable business teams.

Independent software testing makes sure:

  • It works as it should.
  • It works under pressure.
  • It works in all scenarios.
  • It is delivered right first time.

Early testing and defect resolution reduces the cost of change and the impact of failure.  

But at Amsphere, we like to deliver more than this. Our approach to testing provides additional benefits:

  • Bespoke knowledge management tools reduce the application learning curve.
  • New testers get up to speed much quicker making the project more productive, reducing time and cost.
  • Knowledge centric approach enables an uplift in capability for the team and overall organisation.
  • Innovative approach to test delivery and problem solving over ‘testing by numbers’ means a comprehensive solution tailored to your objectives.
  • All knowledge is left within the organisation for use on future projects, releases or implementations, providing additional cost savings long after we have left.

But, we don’t stop there.

Through our years of experience we have found the tester is often the one person who actually knows how things hang together, how and where they work and of course, where they don’t. This is valuable knowledge, which is typically lost within testing tools with no real contribution to the organisational memory pool. We see it differently.

We see an opportunity to substantially increase the value of our testing service by presenting the knowledge we capture during testing into the organisational memory pool through our Kaams® system. Not only do you get a first class testing service from specialists in their field, but also that knowledge remains with you for the future benefit of your organisation.

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